Advocate Ronen Adini

Founding Partner

  • An experienced (over 24 years) lawyer (admitted – 1992);
  • Has extensive experience in all areas of commercial & securities litigation, and especially class actions and derivatives claims, as well as litigation in the fields of securities, corporate and banking law;
  • In 2004 published his book – “Securities Law”, which is considered the most comprehensive professional textbook in the field securities, and is frequently quoted in all securities Law rulings, including by the Supreme Court;
  • Renowned for his expertise in the field of Securities & Corporate Law, and was involved in a series of prominent and innovative securities class actions and derivatives claims;
  • Represents defendants in securities criminal proceedings;
  • Serves as an arbitrator in business disputes, among them within the framework of the Israel Arbitration Chamber, as well as by the appointment of the Chairman of the Bar Association;
  • Has a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) from the Hebrew University and a BA with honors in International Relations from the Hebrew University, and a master’s degree (LLM) magna cum laude, in International Relations from the Hebrew University;
  • Published numerous articles in the areas of securities and corporate law, in both journals and financial press. Among other things, published in 2012 in the legal journal “Lawyer” an article on the subject of class actions;
  • Is an academic lecturer in the areas of securities law. Served as a regular external lecturer for the Faculty of Law of the College of Management Academic Studies, and has lectured at the Law Faculty of the Netanya Academic College and the Shaarei Mishpat College;
  • In addition, a lecturer in a course on the subject of class actions and derivative in the Institute of Certified Public Accountants, and serves as a lecturer for academic lectures and seminars on the subject of securities law, corporate law and class action lawsuits in the Institute of Advanced Studies, the Bar Association and the Institute of Certified Public Accountants;
  • Military judge in the IDF reserves;
  • Member of the Israel Bar Association (1992);
  • Languages: fluent in Hebrew and English

Adv. Effi Shasha

  • LLB (with distinguished honors), Shaarei Mishpat Academic Center
  • BA in social sciences and criminology, Bar – Ilan University.
  • Year of admission to the Israeli Bar: 2009
  • Areas of Expertise: class actions and derivative actions
  • Attorney Shasha was and is involved in complex class actions involving securities and corporate issues. Inter alia petitions to certify class actions with regard to discriminatory tender offers – against the real estate company M.T.M and Ma’agarei Bnia, Hagag group, Pama company and others.
  • Previous position:
  • Internship in the Tel Aviv District Attorney (Taxation and Economics, Department of Securities).
  • Languages: English and Hebrew.

Adv. Shani Peled 

  • LL.B, Bar – Ilan University.
  • Year of Admission – 2011.
  • Expertise:
    Civil-Commercial and
    Administrative Litigation,
    experience in the fields of Energy & Infrastructure, Environmental Law, Business Licensing, etc.
  • Previous positions:
    A Litigator in a known law office specializes
    in representing local authorities; an Associate Lawyer
    in the Energy & Infrastructures Department in one of the 3 biggest
    law firms in Israel; an Associate Lawyer in the Environmental Department in
    a big known law firm; a Legal Intern in the biggest environmental NGO in Israel.
  • Publications:
    An article named: “Criminal Liability of officers in water and sewerage corporations”, issue No 531,  Water and Watering Magazine, December 2013.
  • Languages: English and Hebrew

Adv. Amichai Tessler

  • LLB (with distinguished honors), Ono Academic College and a BA in business administration with a major in accounting, Ono Academic College.
  • Year of Admission – 2012
  • Year of certification as a CPA: 2016
  • Additional positions: teaching assistant for a variety of courses in the fields of economic, civil, administrative and criminal law – Bar Ilan University and Ono Academic College.
  • Previous positions:
  • internship at the Economics Department of the District Court in Tel Aviv (Honorable Judge Khaled Kabub).
  • Specialization in accounting at the offices of leading accountants in taxes and Economics
  • Legal Assistant to the President of the Israeli CPA Institute.
  • Publications:
  1. Tessler “next friend in accounting – Institute of CPAs as a ‘ friends of the court” – an imperative for new challenges” The Accountants Journal, Issue 46, 60 (2016)
  • Languages: English and Hebrew.

Adv. Neta Levin

  • LLB (with honors), College of Manegments Academic Studies.
    BA (with honors) in sociology and anthropology, Tel-Aviv University
  • Year of Admission – 2012
  • Internship
    Civil litigation and white collar crime litigation

    Attorney Neta Levin has been involved in civil litigation cases, including commercial cases, as well as criminal litigation cases focusing on white collar crimes.

  • Previous positions:

  • Neta Levin worked at Caspi and Co. Law office, at first as an intern and continued as a Senior Associate, in the white collar department ant the real estate department.
  • Senior Associate in boutique firm specializing in civil litigation as well as white collar crime litigation
  • Languages: English abd Hebrew

Adv. Erez Modai


Erez Modai, who has been a certified lawyer since 1997 and holds an MBA degree, focuses on  rendering legal counsel to businesses and projects mainly in software, technology, energy, industry, aviation, aerospace & defense

Back in the year 2000 Mr. Modai became the first native Israeli in the Legal Department of Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) to be entrusted with international transactions. In his work for IAI Erez Modai took part in negotiations with governments and companies such as Boeing, Sikorsky, Lockheed Martin, Pratt & Whitney, FIAT, British Aerospace, from some 30-40 countries. The negotiated transactions were in excess of a billion dollars in the aggregate. Mr. Modai also served as the focal point for IAI’s VP Procurement and Logistics Organization, whose purchases reached 2-3 billion dollars. For his work at IAI Erez Modai was awarded several prizes and commendations

When Mr. Modai completed his work for IAI, he began his MBA studies in the Executive MBA Program of the Tel Aviv University. During his studies Erez Modai focused on negotiations, international management and other topics which added valuable perspectives to his work at his own law office

In 2011 Mr. Modai was asked to serve as Legal Counsel to Oracle Israel for a few months. At times this role required acting as stand in for Oracle’s Middle East Africa Senior Legal Director. At 2014, after his assignment was extended time and again, and during which his responsibility was expanded to a few other countries, Mr. Modai completed his work at Oracle and returned to his office